Community Shed Night
(Men and Women)


The Shed Happens for Men group organise an annual “upmarket” Community Shed Night to include invited community groups like Lions, Probus, Rotary and local church groups within the Ashgrove and The Gap areas.  People outside of specific community groups are also free to attend the 'Community Shed Nights.   There is a special Guest Speaker program for the night that is relevant to the majority of attendees. 


The venue for the Community Shed Night for 2021 has yet to be determined.


Specific information on the actual meeting can be found in the 'Upcoming Shed Nights' web page.

Please note that every effort is made before commencing each Community Shed Night that the meetings are not political, nor religious


A Flyer for the Community Shed Nights can be found at local shipping areas on the local community notice board.








6:00PM - 8:30PM

Date:  Friday 19th November 2021


TBC:  Proposed venue is Hilder Road State Highschool Hall.


On site or on Hilder Road itself.

shed happens for men

Designed by John Lees for The Gap Shed Night