"​Our Sponsors/Funders

"Shed Happens for Men" is supported by the Lord Mayor’s Suburban Initiative Fund and The Gap Ward Councillor.  The Community Shed Happens Night was also supported by the previous federal member for Ryan.   These funds and prize donations have allowed us to continue to have this web site operational, plus the majority of the funds go towards mandatory financial obligations (e.g. insurance and registration fees) as the Shed Happens for Men is an 'Incorporated' entity.

"Community Shed" is scheduled to occur each November and is open to all members of the public - both men and women.  The lucky door prizes were usually donated by our previous local State member Kate Jones and our previous Federal member for Ryan Jane Prentice MP.  The same may occur for the 2021 Community Shed event

Supporter:  Star Discount Chemist - The Gap, who provides some of the prizes for the Community Shed Happens Night.  The Gap Village Shopping Centre, 1000 Waterworks Rd, THE GAP QLD 4061.  Phone:  (07) 3300 4673

                  Web Site:  http://stardiscountchemist.com.au/locator/star-discount-chemist-the-gap/

shed happens for men

Designed by John Lees for The Gap Shed Night